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Business Credit

Business Credit, sometimes referred to as Trade Credit, is credit established under a business's name.

Business credit permits business owners to use their business credit profile and score for financing, not their personal credit score and profile. One reason business credit is so appealing is that business owners can commonly qualify with no personal-guarantee. This means business owners can access cash for their businesses without personal liability.

Another reason business credit is a great resource is that many sources don't require a personal credit check. So, even business owners with challenged credit can be approved for thousands of dollars of business credit.

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I was quickly approved for business financing and was able to get money to start my new franchise. Thanks for the help! Adam Thomas, Salt Lake City, UT

You're the best! You got me approved for funding even when my personal bank turned me down due to bad personal credit. Dorothy Lowell, San Luis Obispo, CA

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We can help you obtain funding for your business through over 21,000 funding sources and help build business credit which requires no personal guarantee or credit check to qualify.